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Our studio is growing and we're looking for more excellent teachers! We are seeking candidates who can teach the following styles of dance: ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, hip hop and/or acro.


The ideal candidate needs to be willing to work with multiple levels of recreational students. The ideal candidate will be able to provide a strong foundation for the dancers to support all styles of dance, and are interested in supporting the dancers as they grow through the program.

Classes run Monday through Friday from 3:30-9pm. The class schedule is flexible and candidates do not need to be available for all of these days and times. 


-We value relationships. Candidates must be able to build relationships amongst the students, families, and staff. 

-We value collaboration. Candidates must be willing to work with other staff to clean dances, run rehearsals, and choreograph large numbers. 

-We value communication. Candidates must have strong communication skills and organizational skills. 

-We value teaching. Candidates must have a strong understanding of how to teach skills - not just how to do the skills. 

-We value choreographers who know how to make dancers shine. It's about showing off dancers' strengths not their weaknesses.


Punctuality for classes, turning in music and costume selections on time and recital attendance are required.


Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $16.00 - per hour starting rate.

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