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A Few Basics

Our dance year is like the school year running September through May. We divide it into four, separate, 8-week sessions, for payment purposes and fees for tuition are due at the beginning of each session.  All sessions run back to back and we only take time off for winter break and spring break (like school). Once your class enrollment choices have been entered, your dancer is automatically re-enrolled and re-billed in the following sessions unless you let us know otherwise. Dancers can begin a new class at any point in a session and fees will be prorated. At the end of the last session (Session 4), all dancers in all classes can choose to perform in our spring recital, usually held at the Ramsdell Theater or Manistee Middle/High School.


As previously mentioned, our dance year includes two breaks: one in winter and one in spring.  The tuition amount and the length of the sessions have taken these breaks into account accordingly.  The session tuition fees you have paid are for the 8 weeks that classes are in progress.

During the months of June, July and August we hold themed dance camps, workshops and other fun events! We'd love to have you join in! Summer camps, workshops and events  are not a continuation of our regular year classes and enrollment choices will need to be communicated with us.

Tuition Rates

30 minute class: $76 per 8 week session

45 minute class: $84 per 8 week session

60 minute class: $94 per 8 week session

90 minute class: $102 per 8 week session

Private lessons are available for $45/hour or $25/half hour. To schedule a private lesson, reach out to the teacher you would like to schedule with.

Additional Fees

In addition to tuition, regular season classes (Sept-May) include the following fees:

  • $35 Registration fee (per family)

  • $70 recital costume fee per class for Primary and under (half due Oct 16, half due Dec 4)

  • $75 recital costume fee per class for Intermediate and Advanced (half due Oct 16, half due Dec 4)

  • Cost of dancewear

  • Optional add-ons (recital tickets, recital DVD, merchandise, etc.)


Multi-Class Discount (per dancer) – (Not available for summer session) at 3 classes, dancer receives 10% off the total. Each additional class adds an additional 5% up to 9 classes. For example, a dancer who takes 6 classes would receive 25% off their tuition.


Family Discounts – (Not available for summer session). This applies to families with two or more dancers taking four or more total classes. After the individual class discounts are figured the account will receive an additional $10 off per dancer. For example, Ashley would receive an extra $10 off her tuition and her sister, Amber, would also receive an extra $10 off of her tuition for a total of $20 off. The Family Discount is applied after the Multi-Class Discount.

Snow Days/Cancellations

We do not cancel dance classes automatically when there is a school snow day. Many times, the weather clears up or roads are drivable by mid-day and we are able to hold classes. We will assess the road conditions/weather and post our decision on Facebook and Instagram by 2PM. Please check one of these means of communication after 2PM to know if we are having class. **If we have chosen to hold class, please use your own discretion about driving in. Those who feel unsafe driving on snow/ice covered roads should stay home and stay safe.


If classes are cancelled for any reason, your dancer is welcome to attend another class to make up for the missed time. Tuition will not be refunded. For suggestions on which class to choose as a makeup, please contact us!

Recital FAQs

The Recital is the highlight of our year and usually takes place at the Historic Ramsdell Theatre.  It gives our dancers an opportunity to show exactly what they have achieved in their dance education throughout the year!  Every student of Conservatory of Dance – even our Creative Movement dancers – have a place to perform if they so choose!  Plans for our annual Recital begin in Session 2.  Please refer to our Session Newsletter for specific dates.


If you are new to Conservatory of Dance, you will find some helpful answers to a few frequently asked questions below:


Are there any requirements to be in the Recital?

Yes.  A student must be enrolled in Sessions 2, 3 and 4 and have purchased the designated costume in order to be included in the Recital. 


What will my dancer be performing at the Recital?

Each class that your student is enrolled in will have a performance planned, which is choreographed and practiced during class time.  For example, if your dancer is enrolled in Ballet, Acro and Tap, he or she will perform three times during the show, once with each of those classes.


Will my dancer perform in all four shows, including the Saturday Night Gala show?

This depends on the age/level of your dancer.  If your dancer is in Creative Movement, Kinderdance and/or Dance Intro, these dancers perform on Thursday, Friday and Saturday MATINEE only.   They do NOT perform in the Gala show, as they are often exhausted by the end of the weekend.  All dancers in Primary level and above will perform in all four shows.  The Gala Show often showcases some of our competition team dancers as a result of the extra time gained by not including the young dancers.


I thought that Conservatory of Dance did a show in the Fall?  Is this different to the Recital?

Yes.  Conservatory of Dance also puts on a Fall Production at the Ramsdell.  This is different from the Recital.  It includes only a small portion of our students, who are required to audition in order to take part. The fall production is a smaller production, often following a storyline rather than showcasing every student and every aspect of the skills learned at COD.  Costumes for the production are provided by the studio. The fall production is not associated with the Recital.


Will there be costumes for the Recital?

Yes.  Every student participating in the Recital will purchase their own costume.  The prices of costumes run approximately $70 each.  You will be expected to purchase a costume for each class that your dancer is enrolled in.  For example, if your dancer is enrolled in Ballet, Acro and Tap, you should plan on purchasing 3 costumes for him or her


Will I be able to see the costumes so that I know what we are getting for our money?

Yes.  Once the costumes are decided, you will find a display at the studio which shows the costume in full color for each class.  There is always an excited buzz around the studio when the costume pictures go up on the wall!


It feels like the spring recital is a long way off – why are we expected to pay for costumes so early?

All students are measured and each costume is made to order.  They therefore take many months to arrive, and ordering them any later than early December would likely mean that we would not receive costumes in time for the Recital.  We require costume payments so that we can order early.


How do I know that my dancer is getting the correct size, especially since the recital is some months away?

We take great care in measuring our students accurately, and take time to review their sizing before we submit the costume order.  We allow for growth spurts and always size up if a dancer is at the far end of a sizing range.  If on the rare occasion your dancer’s costume does not fit, we are usually able to arrange an exchange in size.


Will my dancer be able to keep his or her costume?

Absolutely! The costume is yours to keep and dancers are able to take their costume home once full payment is received.


I have heard others talking about Recital Pictures – what are these?

The studio will have a weekend for Recital photographs, which is usually approximately one month before the Recital date.  Each class will have a scheduled time slot over that weekend in order to come in full costume and have their picture taken with the class and/or individually.  You may then purchase various photo packages if you wish.  We encourage all students to join in the group photo even if you do not plan on purchasing any photos for yourself.  If you do wish to purchase photos, payment is required on the day of ordering.


Will there be extra rehearsals involved with the Recital?

Yes.  As the Recital draws close, there will likely be extra rehearsals planned – some of which will be full dress rehearsals at the Ramsdell. The schedule for these rehearsals will be in the session 4 newsletter.


Can anyone attend the Recital as an audience member?

Yes.  Tickets will be sold some weeks before the Recital, or at the door, and will be $14 per ticket.  Anyone can purchase a ticket, although our first sale date is open to studio families only (not the general public).  It should be noted that any account that does not have tuition paid in full will not be able to purchase tickets for the Recital. Also, please know that the show will have assigned seats and often the best seats sell first. Each studio family is allowed 8 tickets per show on the first day of ticket sales; additional tickets can be purchased at the next ticket sale date.


I have heard that sometimes moms help out backstage during a show.  Is this true?

Yes.  We value the help and cooperation of our dance families and as the Recital draws close, we will have a helper sign-up sheet at the front desk for anyone who wishes to help us backstage during some or all of the performances.  Those who sign up to help are required to stay for the entire duration of that show.


Do helpers need to purchase tickets?

No.  If you are helping backstage during the Recital, you do not need to purchase a ticket.


If my dancer is very young, in Creative Movement, for example, will he/she be performing earlier in the show and can we leave after his/her performance is done in order to get enough rest for the other performances?

Yes, the younger classes typically perform in at the beginning of the show, and you are welcome to take your dancer home when he or she is done rather than stay until the end of the show.

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