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Dance Intro

Dance Intro classes are for students in Kindergarten or 1st grade. Dance Intro students can pick from four different dance styles: Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Acrobatics.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance! It is essential in learning proper dance technique and form and we recommend that all new dancers take ballet. 


Tap dance is a very musical form of dance in which the dancer taps out rhythms and intricate beats with their feet.  Tap dancers are like percussionists with their tap shoes, drumming the floor with combinations of tap steps. 


Jazz is an upbeat and high energy style of dance taught and performed to jazz or popular dance music. Isolations, stylized steps, big jumps and turns are all a part of jazz dance.


Acrobatic dance, or Acro as it's commonly referred to, is similar to gymnastics without the use of the different apparatus's gymnasts usually perform on (balance beam, uneven bars, etc.). This class focuses on developing the flexibility and strength to perform acrobatic tricks that can be integrated in to other dance choreography. Our studio teaches from the Acro Arts syllabus of training.

Dance Intro Class Info

Acro:      Mon     4:15-5:00pm     $84

Ballet:    Mon     5:00-5:30pm     $76

Tap:        Mon     5:30-6:00pm      $76

Jazz:        Mon     6:00-6:30pm     $76

*Tuition fees are for 8 weeks of classes.

In order to enroll in Jazz or Tap, dancers must also enroll in Ballet as well.

Dress Code

Girl dancers will need a light blue leotard and pink dance tights.

Girls also need pink ballet shoes for ballet, black tap shoes for tap, tan jazz shoes for jazz, bare foot for acro.

Boy dancers will need a plain white t-shirt (no logos) and black bottoms (shorts, leggings, sweatpants, etc.).

Boys also need black ballet shoes for ballet, black tap shoes for tap, black jazz shoes for jazz bare foot for tumbling.

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