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Ballet is a type of performance dance, that originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century, and which was further developed in France and Russia as a concert dance form. It has since become a highly technical form of dance with its own vocabulary. It is primarily performed with the accompaniment of classical music and has been influential as a form of dance globally. It is a poised style of dance that incorporates the foundational techniques for many other dance forms. This genre of dance is very hard to master and requires much practice. Since this is such an important part of dancers training, we strongly encourage all dancers to take this class. All dancers aged 4 and up can take this class.


Tap is a wonderful style of movement using specialized shoes. These shoes are designed to create rhythms and sounds, either in musical accompaniment or accapella. This style originated in the late 1800's and became a very popular form of dance. Children aged 5 and up are able to take this class. For dancers aged 5yrs-6yrs ballet is a requirement. Dancers aged 7 and up can take this class without ballet.


Jazz is one of the foundations of dance. It began in the early 1900's as Jazz music became popular. Typically this style of dance has an emphasis on long lines of body and specific body placement. In addition to ballet, The Conservatory of Dance encourages all dancers to try this art form. It's done to a wide range of music and encompasses, many types of styles. Some notable jazz dancers include Michael Jackson, Katherine Dunham, Jack Cole, Bob Fosse, Gus Giordano, Jerome Robbins and others. Ballet is a prerequisite for this class. Dancers aged 5 and up are eligible to take this class.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a style of dance often featured in music videos. This style of dance in done to popular music and can been seen in such programs as "So You Think You Can Dance" and movies, including "Step Up (1,2,3 Revolution etc). It is usually fast paced and full of high energy moves. This class is available for dancers aged 7 and up. Ballet is not a requirement for this class.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is our class offered for our youngest dancers aged 3 and potty trained. This class focuses on building coordination and using major motor skills. Children will begin to learn how to cooperatively work together and interact in this environment. Repetition and fun are the focus of this class.


Kinderdance is our dance education program for four and five year olds. This class focuses on building coordination and musicality. These young dancers build up their dance vocabulary through repetition and familiar nursery rhymes.


Acrobatics is similar to gymnastics and focuses on balance, agility and motor coordination. We do not use any equipment and work solely on the floor. This style of dance requires strength and flexibility. It is split into 6 different levels with 1 being the beginner level and 6 the most advanced. Each student must be evaluated before being placed into this class. This class does not require any additional classes.


Lyrical is a blend of ballet and jazz. This style of dance focuses on the emotive quality of dance through music. This style of dance takes it's name from using a songs lyrics to interpret movement. We offer this style of dance to our Primary, Intermediate and Advanced dancers. Ballet is a requirement to take this class.


Contemporary is a blend of several styles of dance. It has a strong foundation in ballet and jazz, while exploring other movement qualities. Flexibility and strength are focused on in this class. We only offer this class to our Intermediate and Advanced dancers, grades 5th and up. Ballet is a requirement to take this class.


Celtic, famously known as Riverdance, originated in Ireland in the 18th century. This style is fast, fun, and always a crowd pleaser! We offer this class to dancers in Primary, Intermediate and Advanced levels and they must also be enrolled in Tap.

Boy’s Dance Crew

This is a class for BOYS ONLY taught by Mr Jake. It will be an extremely fun class including hip hop, flips, tricks and breakdancing. This is for boys in 2nd grade and up and will be challenging for boys of all ages.

Beginning Dance

Beginning Dance is offered during the first session to dancers ages 10-18 who are new to ballet or jazz. Since most of the dancers in the Intermediate and Advanced levels have many years of experience, it would be hard for a new dancer to enroll in the same class. Therefore, we offer this beginning class so that new dancers can learn the basics and fundementals at a slower pace. After the first session, dancers in Beginning Dance will then be placed in the appropriate level class according to the Instructor's determining (Intermediate or Advanced). 

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