Class Schedule

The schedule for fall classes will be available by August 13, 2018.

Please check back!


Our dance year (running September through May) is divided into four, separate, 8-week sessions, and fees for tuition are due at the beginning of each session.  Once your enrollment choices have been entered for Session 1, your dancer is automatically re-enrolled and re-billed in the following sessions 2, 3, and 4, unless you let us know otherwise.  Tuition for dancers who start in the middle of a session will be prorated.

Tuition for each 8-week session is based on length of class.

30 minute classes - $56 per session

45 minute classes - $64 per session
1 hour classes - $72 per session

1 1⁄2 hour classes - $80 per session

Tuition rates are based on one class per study.
The fees above are for all eight weeks of class.

Discount Structure - 5% off one class per session. Each additional class adds an additional 5%. There is no limit to the discount percentage. For example, if a primary dancer took all the classes offered they would receive a total of 35% (5% x 7 classes) off their tuition. This discount only applies if tuition is paid in full by the first day of each session. Partial payments can be made before the discount deadline. No discounts will apply after the first day of each session.

Family Discounts - This applies to families with two or more dancers taking four or more total classes. After the individual class discounts are figured, the account will receive an additional $10 off per dancer.