Check out the class schedule below to see which class level corresponds to the age listed or school grade your dancer is going into. Once you've determined their class level, you can then see the classes offered for that level and the days and times it will be held.

Class Schedule

*in order to be enrolled in this class the dancer must take ballet   

 **in order to be enrolled in this class the dancer must take tap

Creative Movement - age 3 and potty trained

Wednesday 6:30-7:00

Kinderdance - age 4


Tap/Ballet 3:45-4:30

Tumbling 4:30-5:00

Dance Intro - K & 1st grade


Jazz 4:45-5:15*      Ballet 5:15-5:45   

  Tap 5:45-6:15*      Acro 6:15-7:00 

Primary - 2nd through 4th grade

In order to take Primary Ballet, students

are also required to take one other class.

These classes will be held on the every-other week schedule


Ballet 3:45-4:45

Jazz 4:45-5:30*

Lyrical 5:45-6:30*

Hip Hop 6:30-7:15


Tap 4:00-4:45

Celtic 4:45-5:15**

Intermediate - 5th through 8th grade

In order to take Intermediate Ballet, students

are also required to take two other classes.

These classes will be held on the every-other week schedule


Hip Hop 4:15-5:15

Lyrical 5:15-6:15*

Tap 6:15-7:15

Celtic 7:15-8:00**


Ballet 3:45-5:15

Jazz 5:15-6:15*

Contemporary 6:15-7:15*

Advanced - 9th through 12th grade

In order to take Advanced Ballet, students

are also required to take two other classes.

These classes will be held on the every-other week schedule


Contemporary 4:45-5:45*

Ballet 5:45-7:15

Jazz 7:15-8:15*


Lyrical 4:15-5:15*

Tap 5:15-6:15

Hip Hop 6:15-7:15

Celtic 7:15-8:00**


If you are unsure of your dancer's acro level,

please contact us to schedule an evaluation.

Classic (Dance Intro) - Thurs 6:15-7:00

Select - Tues 4:00-5:00

Grand - Tues 5:00-6:00

Premium - Tues 6:00-7:00

PrePro - Mon 3:45-4:45

Boys Dance Crew (BDC)

2nd - 12th grade

Monday 4:45-5:45

Conservatory of Dance Company

Audition only

Level 1 Friday 4:00-5:45

Level 2 Tuesday 3:30-7:45

Beginning Dance

Monday 7:15-8:15

for those 5th- 12th grade who have no

experience in ballet or jazz.

Offered 1st session only, after which 

dancers will then be placed in their

appropriate level classes


Our dance year (running September through May) is divided into four 8-week sessions, and fees for tuition are due at the beginning of each session.  Once your enrollment choices have been entered for Session 1, your dancer is automatically re-enrolled and re-billed in the following sessions 2, 3, and 4, unless you let us know otherwise.  Tuition for dancers who start in the middle of a session will be prorated.

Tuition for each 8-week session is based on length of class.

30 minutes - $64         45 minutes - $72

1 hour - $82                1 ½ hours - $90

Tuition rates are based on one class per study.

The fees above are for all eight weeks of class.

*There are no refunds on tuition fees*


Additional Fees
Regular season classes (Sept-May) include the following fees: 

  • $25 Registration Fee (per family)

  • $60 Costume Fee per class (Primary & under, due by Nov 30)

  • $65 Costume Fee per class (Intermediate & up, due by Nov 30)

  • Optional add-ons (dancewear, recital tickets, recital DVD, etc.)


Multi-class Discount (per dancer) – at 2 classes, dancer receives 5% off the total. Each additional class adds an additional 5% up to 9 classes. For example, a dancer who takes 6 classes would receive 25% off their tuition.


Family Discounts - This applies to families with two or more dancers taking four or more total classes. After the individual class discounts are figured the account will receive an additional $10 off per dancer.

Every-other Week Schedule

Since we are limited to 12 students in a room at a time, dancers in Primary, Intermediate and Advanced classes will be put on an every other week schedule. This means we will have a maximum of 12 dancers in the classroom and up to another 12 dancers taking the same class from home on the zoom app.  The next week we’ll switch, so those dancers that were in the classroom will take class on zoom, and the dancers that were on zoom will be able to come to the studio. This allows us to be able to see and teach all our students in a safe way. COD staff will notify you prior to the first class as to which weeks dancers will come to the studio. We are also happy to announce that we are offering the option of taking these classes solely on zoom from the safety of your own home.

Home-Schooling this year?

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